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Note for:   James Adams,   1837 -          Index

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     Wyoming County, Virginia Marriages 1853-1889 Pauline Haga
Adams, James 30 Divorce born Logan Co Son of William & Christina
Toler, Jane 27 born Letcher Co Ky daughter of Zachariah and Lucy
Note the birth places are probably mixed up on this marriage

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Note for:   Elisha Carter,   ABT 1822 -          Index

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     1850 Nelson County, Virginia Dwelling 797
Cannot read father's name
Elisha Carter 23 Male White Virginia born 1827

Wyoming County, West Virginia Marriages 1850-1900 compiled by Pauline Haga
8 Feb 1854 Volume 1
Carter, Elisha 32 widow born Smith County, Virginia son of David and Sarah
Cline, Dicy 23 born Logan County, Virginia daughter of Peter and Polly

CENSUS: 1860 Logan County, Virginia Census Dwelling 541-541 No Post Office
Elisha CARTER 41 White Male Virginia born 1819 Farmer 000 185 Cannot Read or Write
Dicy CARTER 27 White Female Virginia Cannot Read or Write
Thomas CARTER 18 White Male Virginia Farm Hand
Minerva CARTER 14 White Female Virginia
Wm CARTER 13 White Male Virginia
David E CARTER 9 White Male Virginia
Polly CARTER 7 White Female Virginia
Lydia CARTER 5 White Female Virginia
Jasper CARTER 3 White Male Virginia
Peter CARTER 4/12 White Male Kentucky

CENSUS: 1870 McDowell County, Virginia Census Sandy River Dwelling 34-36
Carter, Elisha 54 Male White Virginia farmer
Carter, Dica 41 Female White Virginia
Carter, Polly 16
Carter, Lydia 13
Carter, Jasper 11
Carter, Nancy 9
Carter, Not named 6
Carter, Mary 3
Carter, Sarah 3
Carter, William 7

CENSUS: 1880 Rowan County, Kentucky Morehead District Dwelling 132-137
Carter, Elisha 63 Male White Va Va Va
Carter, Dicy 45 Female White Va Va Va
Carter, Mary 14 Female
Carter, Sally 14 Female
Carter, Jackson 15 male Grandson

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Note for:   Lucinda Toler,   1834 - 13 Apr 1883         Index

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     Lucinda TOLER is living with Squire Toler in the 1850 Census. Dwelling 79
Lucinda TOLER was Squire's younger sister who lived with him in 1850 Census
Notice that Lucinda was listed after all the other children in 1850 even though she was older.

Wyoming County, West Virginia Death Records 1853-1894 Pauline Haga
3 Lucinda Cline died April 13, 1883 at Clear Fork of fever age 27 years, information from Peter Cline.
they were married March 25, 1856. She was the daughter of Zachariah Toler and Lucinda Toler The age
should be 47 years.

CENSUS: 1850 Wyoming County, Virginia (History of Wyoming County)
Squire Toler 33 farmer Virginia
Elizabeth Toler 29 Virginia
Wyett Toler 12 Virginia
Mary Toler 10 Virginia
Sarah Toler 9 Virginia
John Toler 7 Virginia
Reece Toler 5 Virginia
Miles Toler 3 Virginia
Harriet Toler 1 Virginia
Susan G Toler 6/12 Virginia
Lucinda Toler 14 Squire's Sister

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Note for:   Loudon Hazer Browning,   21 Jan 1858 -          Index

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     Logan County, West Virginia Marriages 1872-1892 by Donna Browning
Dec 14, 1880 Logan County Farming G M CHRISTIAN Minister
Browning, Louden H age 23 Toler, Sancy Ann (Cenia) 21
Logan Co Va Logan Co WV Logan Co Virginia Logan County, WV
E Browning J Curry E Toler Jane Vernatter

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Note for:   Cenia Ann "Annie" Toler,   1856 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Had a birth date of 15 Jan 18 60 - Where did it come from
1870 Logan County, virginia Census Gen society states her name is Janey Ann?

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Note for:   Iverson L Bailey,   16 Feb 1844 - 8 Oct 1902         Index

     Place:   Toler Cemetery, Cyclone, Wyoming, West Virginia, USA

Individual Note:
     Iverson Bailey served in the Union Army in the Civil War under Captain William Walker's company
The Family of John Cooke by Bonnie Turner Cook, 2001 McClain Printing Company 2001. page 25

Wyoming County, West Virginia marriages Pauline Haga
13 Mar 1872 Bailey, Iverson L 28 born Logan Co Virginia son of Thomas Bailey and Priscilla
Toler, Nancy M 17 born Wyoming County, Virginia daughter of Thomas and Rebecy

Toler Cemetery, Cyclone, Wyoming, West Virginia, USA
I V Bailey Mar 25, 1858 Sep 17, 1927