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In the beginning all America was Virginia!   Robert Byrd
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Alley Family of Massachusetts & Virginia

Amiss Family of Virginia

Anderson Family Colonial Virginia

Anglin Surname Project

Arey Family

Arnold Family History and Genealogy

Baker, Libby

Ball Family of the Potomac

Ball Family Carter’s Run Fauquier County, Virginia

Ball Interest Group

Barbee Family of Northern Virginia – JB

Barkley Burgess family of Virginia & Tennessee

Bashaw Family

Belcher Family – Virginia

Blackwell Family of Virginia

Blankenship Family of Virginia

Blankenship, Ralph Descendants of

Boone Society

Bradley - Bradshaw

Bradley Brady family Fauquier County, Virginia JB

Bronaugh Family

Brown, Donna Personal Web Site

Brown Family, John

Browning Family History

Browning Family – Descendants of Enos

Browning Family History

Browning Family, Barbara Daugherty

Buckner Family Virginia JB

Burgess Coat of Arms 

Burgess Family Line

James Abram Burgess Family History


Burgess Family Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Burgess Family of Massachusetts

Burgess Surname DNA Project  - Michael Burgess

Colonel William Burgess – Maryland

Burgess Family Home Page

The Burgess family

Jeffrey Burgess died Iraq

William Willie Edward Burgess

Barkley Burgess family of Virginia & Tennessee

Burgess Family Genealogy Site

Canterbury Family of Virginia

Carter Family – Ginny Keefer

Champ Family of the Northern Neck JB

Claiborne Family History of Virginia

Clay Family Society

Clay Family of England & Virginia

Cockrell Cockrill family of Prince William County, Virginia

Combs Coombs Family of Virginia

Cook Family – Oceana and the Cook Family

Corder Family

Cornwell Family Fauquier County, Virginia JB

Crump Family Fauquier County, Virginia JB

Descendants of John Crookshanks

Cummings Family

Doniphan Family Northern Virginia JB

Edwards, John Family

Edwards Family Fauquier County, Virginia

Elkins Genealogical Data

Ethell Family

Eustace Family

Eustace Family JB 

Fisher Family

Foote Family Fauquier County, Virginia

Frogg Family Fauquier County, Virginia

Garner Family

Glasscock, Lemuel

Green Family of Virginia

Hansbrough Family of Virginia

Harrell Research Group

Hedgman Family of the Northern Neck  JB

Hedgman River Church JB

Heflin Page

Heflin Moffet & Cockrill Cemetery Carter’s Run, Fauquier County, Virginia

Hitt Roots

Hooper Connections

James Ancestry

James Family

Kenton Family

Kenton, Simon Birthplace

Lusk Family of Tazewell County, Virginia

Marshall Genealogy Pages


Mattox Family of Virginia

Meacham Family of Virginia & Kentucky

McCoy Family 

Milam Family

Minter Family Web Page

Anthony Minter

Moffett Family of Fauquier County, Virginia

Morehead Family

Mullins Family of Virginia The French Huguenot Colonial Family

Mullins Family Association

Mullins, Abraham Descendants of

Mullins Family

Mullins Family Dickson County, Virginia

Oliver, Josiah

Outten Family of Delaware

Penjacc Families

Perry, Hupp, Marcum Nelson, Workman Family of Logan County, West Virginia 

Perkins Family of England & Virginia

Preece Family of Pennsylvania & Virginia

Prou Anderson

Preston Family of Bedford County, Virginia

Richard III King of England

Rogers, Nola

Robinson Family Fauquier County, Virginia JB

Robinson, Stephen Family

Rosser Family JB

Sealock Family

Sellards, Hezekiah Family

Shirer Family Genealogy

Shumate family of Fauquier County, Virginia JB

Sloan Family Our History & Blankenship

Smith, William Family King George & Fauquier County, Virginia JB

Smoot Family of Virginia

Stamps Family of Virginia

Families of Steele by Dodie Browning

Toler Family of Eastern North Carolina

Toler Newsletter

Towler, Marie Descendants of

Townsend Family of Delaware

Travis Family of Virginia

Tricia Pettit Virginia Genealogy – Every family in Virginia

Tippet Family and related families

Turner Family & Perkins family Northern Virginia JB

Virginia Genealogy – Top Site

Utterback, French Family Fauquier County, Virginia JB

Utterback, Harman Family Fauquier County, Virginia JB

Vance Family

Vance Genealogical DNA Project

Vance, Abner Home Page - by Tim Vance

Vance Song

Walden Family of America (including Virginia)

Wall Family

Ward Family of Virginia & Kentucky

Waugh Family of Virginia JB

Witt Family - Gen Files

Witte Family History

Wood Dixon Wright Tedford