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I encourage everyone to write a family history. We must preserve our research, documentation & heritage. Please share information on family histories from Logan County, West Virginia & Fauquier County, Virginia.  Many of these books are available through Inter Library Loan. (52 Listed)

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Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia 1714-1750 by B C Holtzclaw, 1964, 581 pages, The Memorial Foundation of the Memorial Colonies of Virginia, Incorporated.  All rights reserved.  McClure Printing Co Staunton, Virginia. Families included Back-Bach, Brumback-Brumbach, Button, Coons-Koontz-Kuntz, Crim-Grimm, Fishback-Fishbach, Haeger, Friesenhagen, Hanback-Heimbach, Hitt-Heite, Holtzclaw-Holzklau, Hardin, Huffman-Hoffman, Kemper, Martin-Merten, Miller-Mueller, Nay - Noeh, Rector-Richter, Spilman-Spielmann, Utterback-Otterbach, Wayman-Weidmann, Weaver-Weber, Whitescarver-Weissgerber, Young Jung

Anderson, Cockrill, Moffett, Smith and Allied Families of Northern Virginia by James A Burgess 2003 Copyright, 650 pages, printed locally, on Jim and Sandi Burgess data base.   Includes the following families, Anderson, Bailey, Blackwell, Burgess, Champe, Cockrill, Doniphan, Eustace, Moffett, Minter, Mott, Prou, Neavil, Newby, Rogers, Rosser, Rowley, Smith, Steptoe, Waugh  Text found on Jim and Sandi Burgess data base found on this web site.  Please make copies of this book with the stipulation that you will cite Jim Burgess and the original researcher and give credit to those who documented other information.  Send corrections and updates to Jim Burgess

Anglin - The Anglin Families of Colonial Virginia In Search of Descendants by Walter F Anglin, First Edition 200, Includes Several early Anglin families including Adrian (2), Philip, John, William (4) , Caleb, James,  and hundred of descendants.  Approximately 300 pages.

Ball -  The Ball Family of Boone County, West Virginia Authors: Nina Ball Barker and Lenore Kingery Ferrell - Year Published: 1980 First Printing and 1998 Second Printing - Publisher: Boone County Educational Workshop - Pages: 336 - Families Listed: Ball, Comer, Baisden, Baldwin, Barker, Bias, Ellis, Estep, Ferrell, Hager, Jeffrey, Miller, Workman, plus many more

Bashaw - The Connections Bashaw Family in America 1630-1995 by Mary E Watson Price 107 Jackye Street, Idabel Ok 74745

Blackwell - Blackwell Families of Northern Virginia  about 700 pages James A Burgess printed locally - Families Include Blackwell, Smith, Anderson, Towson, Glascock, Lake, Rector, Orear, Eustace, Fauntleroy, Smith, Cockrill, Burgess, Steptoe, Travis, Doniphan, Waugh, & many more.  This book is available "free" under Jim and Sandi Burgess family.  Check under the ancestors of Smith unknown.  There is a lot of information on this web site.  Please give credit to the author and the persons who are credited in the book.  Thanks Jim Burgess

Branham - David Branham And His Descendents,  352 pages, Author Shelby Fleming Phillips, Copyright 1995 Families included Baisdens, Osbornes, Branhams,  Dempseys, Tacketts, Halls, Damrons, Copleys, Newsoms, Johnsons.  Shelby Fleming Phillips - 214 West Third Avenue - Williamson, WV 25661 - (304) 235-2979

Browning - Genealogy of the Brownings in America from 1621 to 1908 by Edward Franklin Browning, A. M. 982 pages reprinted by Higginson Book Company Derby Square Salem, Mass 01970  Order from Higginson Book

Browning - Tracking The Pioneers - A History of Browning Families of Southern West Virginia Book II, Lulu Press, Inc. Morrisville, NC 27560, www.lulu.com ,Stanley C Browning, P O Box 71314 Salt Lake City, Ut 84171 801-944-3538,  Includes Francis Browning Sr, Nicholas Browning, Enos Browning, Edmund Browning (Logan County), Francis Browning (Logan), Elizabeth "Betsy" Browning, William (of Caswell) Browning Sr., and thousands more.  Order from Stanley C Browning For those purchases, please submit your check or money order for $43.50

Buckner - Cousins by the Dozens The Story of John Buckner "The Immigrant and his Atecedents - Siblings and Descendants by Mary G Wright Box 134 Bowling Green, Kentucky 22427  Families included Buckner, Ferrers, Evans, Craddock, Watson, Aylett, Robinson, Cook, Ballard, Morgan, Williams, Thornton, Hawes, Dodge

 Burgess - Burgess, Mullins, Browning, Brown and Allied Families,  James A Burgess, 1978, McClain Printing, Parsons West Virginia Other families include Key, Anglin, Witt, Wilson, Robinson, Riggins, Oden, Toler, Vance Place orders with  Jim Burgess  $20.00 includes freight.

Burgess - Descendants of William Burgess and Susanna of Bedford County, Virginia, James A Burgess -    Burgess, Browning, Key, Witt, Pigg, Mitchell, Sanders, Francis, Browning, Mullins, Farley, and thousand more.   Book is on this web site.  PleasEe send corrections and additions to Jim Burgess  Data Base for this  Book is found on this web site. 

Burgess - The House of Burgesses - The House of the Burgesses by Michael Burgess and Mary Wickizer Burgess, 708 pages, a Burgess and Wickizer Book, San Bernardino, California, Distributed by Borgo Press, 1994 Copyright, Post Office Box 2845 San Bernadino, Ca 92406 includes Garner Burgess of Fauquier County, Virginia, William Burgess of Stafford County, Virginia, Edward Burgess Jr of Fauquier County, Virginia, Moses Burgess of Orange County, Virginia, Reuben Burgess of Rowan (later Davie) County, North Carolina.

Caynor -  "Patriots & Secessionists - Caynor Genealogy"  William L. Caynor, Sr.  Caynor Family from Fauquier County, VA and contains information for other families in the area. A copy has been put in the library at Marshall. The title of the book is  and the author is  families include Heflin, McDonald, Fletcher, Butler and Bussey. The book can be purchased from the author. Mr Caynor resides in Alaska. Information provided by Faye Caynor

Clatterbuck - Clatterbuck Tree Joan C Harmon 376 Fair Lane, Winchester, Virginia 22603  Joan C Harmon  families include Clatterbuck, Guy,Peel, Richardson, Wharton, Bennett, Frenchman, Hurt, Jennings, Bates, Dodge, Turner, Reynolds, Gray, Howard, Gordon, Griffin, Stanley.

Cockrell - The Cockrell Path through Northumberland and Lancaster Counties and some of the Families That Path Touched by Isabel Gough 161 pages 1991 families included Cockrell, Cockerell, Coles Saunders, Downing, Nelms, Morehead, Edwards, Presley, Whaley, Gentry, Hudson, Ball, Tignor and many more.

Cockrell -  Edward Cockrell's Virginia Ancestors c1630-1822 William Lombus, Oct 1991 reprint June 1992,  323 pages families included Cockrell, Presly, Thompson, Lyne, Newman, Thompson, Ball, Atherold, Vesey, Williamson, Underwood, Haynie, Morris, Harris, Pinckard, Swan  William Lombus 835 Arlington Road, Park Hills, Kentucky 41011.

Cockrell - The working 1996 file of James Henry Cockrell, by James Henry Cockrell, P O Box, New Waverly, Tx 77358 about 50 pages,  John Henry Cockrell  families included Cockrell, Kone, Abbott, Mott, Schwoner and Bowen

Cockrill - Cockrill Families of Northern Virginia, James A Burgess, 715 pages, Printed Locally, Copyright 2002, 725 pages  Families Included, Anderson, Prou, Travis, Bailey, Ball, Johnson, Purkins, Utterback, Watts, Hunt, Allen & 100's of others.  This book is available on this web site "free" under Jim & Sandi Family History under the head of the family listed.  Cockrill families  of Prince William, Northumberland, Loudoun, Fairfax, Richmond, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky.This is copyrighted information.  Do NOT claim this to be your research.  Please give credit to the person who provided the information.  Printed 100 books and sold 100 books.  To put your name on a list to be contacted for a reprint send your names to Jim Burgess

Cook -  The Family of John Cook  Bonnie Turner Cook

Cook - The Family of Floyd Cook  by David Anderson Turner 1913-2000

Cook - Descendants of Mordecai Cook of "Mordecai's Mount, Gloucester Co. Va 1650 and Thomas Booth of Ware Neck Cloucester Co. Va 1685 by Dr and Mrs William Carter Stubbs New Orleans 1923 LDS 929.273   C 774S included familes Cook, Booth, Porteus, Lee, Buckner, Ironmonger

Corder - JAMES CORDER VIRGINIA STATE LINE SOLDIER, published 1991, not in print at this time, published by Tennessee Valley Publishing POB 52527, Knoxville, Tn, written by Claude and Estelle Corder. the book has 276 pages. Major families are Tapp, Phillips, Lee, Gaskin, Hamiter, Blaylock, Mason, Knighton, Heath, Carroll, and Clark Available at Va State Library, TX State Library, can be borrowed from the LDS church records.  Estelle Corder

Crump - Crump on Every Stump Part I & Part II by Marius Randolph Barham and Nellie McLane, 1989, 500 pages - Crump New Kent County, Virginia.

Edmonds - "Journals of Amanda Virginia Edmonds, Lass of the Mosby Confederacy 1857 - 1867" by Nancy Chappelear Baird.
... I believe she gave the copyrights to the Fauquier Co, VA Historical Society. provided by Shirley Starks

Ferrell - Ferrell, Vance and Allied Families of Logan County (Virginia) by Fred C Thompson Junior, 1991 approximately 500 pages families included Ferrell,  Vance, Howard, Brown, Burgess, Perry, Dillon, McDonald, Elkins, Radar, Hensley, Workman, Christian,  Browning, Hatfield,  Lowe, Shepherd,  Harman, Tiller, Walls, Burnside, Staton, White, Belcher and hundreds more.

Francis -  The Francis Family of Fauquier County, Virginia  by Albert O Felchlia, 193 pages, Copyright 1992, families include Francis, Cockrill, Felchlia, Andrew Francis, Alexander Francis, Margaret Francis, Margaret Francis, Thomas Francis, Joseph Francis, William Francis, Patrick Francis, Henry Francis, Andrew Francis. Albert O Felchlia 55 Memoral Ct, Highland, IL 62249 - Mr Felchila passed away in 2003.   Larry Francis Co Web Master for Fauquier County, Virginia USGENWEB should be contacted regarding the Francis Family.

Stories About Gilbert, West Virginia and Surrounding Communities, compiled by Colonel (Retired) Darrell G. Brumfield and Flossie Hatfield Smith,  published by Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD, 1993.
More Stories About Gilbert, West Virginia and Surrounding Communities, by Colonel (Retired) Darrell G. Brumfield and Richard N. Ellis, Gateway Press, 1995.  (Vanessa Allen will be happy to do lookups, jvallen@rvi.net)

Judy - Tschudy-Shudi Family, 1954 The History and Genealogy of the Judy-Judah, Tschudy-Tschudin-Tschudi-Schudi Famly who lived  in America, Switzerland, and other countries of the world including such well known connecting families in America written by "Baron" Marion Pomeroy Carlock, 491 pages copyright 1954 printed  by the Bookman Press Marion Pomeroy Carlock 828 South Plymouth Blvd, Los Angeles 5, Los Angeles, California 576 pages may be purchased at Higginson Book

Judy - The Judy (German or Swiss) Tschudi Family by Frank L Lint - 1900?  I have 28 pages of this very interesting little book.

Kendell - History and Genealogy; Kendalls, Cunninghams, Snodgrasses.  Norman Festus Kendall, (deceased) 1942, Publisher: Dietz Press, Richmond, Virginia, 160 pages, out of print,  Available LDS FHC

Key - Key and Allied Families written by Mrs Julian C Lane, Statesboro, Georgia Publisher, Copyright 1931 Press of The J.W. Burke Company of Macon, Ca 1931 John Key of Pennsylvania, Moses Key of Pennsylvania, Jonathan Key of North Carolina, Martin Key of Virginia, Henry Key of South Carolina, John Key of Virginia, George Key of Virginia, allied families Waller, Garrett, Cantelou, Keith, Randloph, Marhsall, White, Kilpatrick, Bell, Clarke, Martin, Tandy, Terrell, Bibb and others.  May be purchased from Higginson Book

Lee - Lee of Virginia 1642-1892 Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of The Descendantsof Colonel Richard Lee written by Edmund Jennings Lee, M.D. copyright 1895 families include Allerton, Armistead, Ashton, Aylett, Bediger, Beverly, Bland, Bolling, Carroll, Carter, Chambers, Corbin, Custis, Digges, Fairfax, Fitzhugh, Gardner, Grymes, Hanson, Jenings, Jones, Ludwell, Marshall, Mason, Page, Randolph, Shepherd, Shippen, Tabb, Taylor, Turberville, Washington and others LDS US/CAN 929.273 L51l

Luckett - , "The Lucketts of Port Tobacco." Not sure if "Maryland" was in title, but that's where Port Tobacco is located. I suspect some of these Lucketts migrated to Loudoun County, Virginia and settled around the town named Lucketts in Loudoun Co., Va. just east of Leesburg. Possibly some of these Lucketts migrated on to Fauquier Co., Va. which was just next to Loudoun Co., Va.- Information supplied by Pat Duncan.

Logan County West Virginia and Beyond,  Joseph Thomas, 777 pages Copyright 2007 Families include James Brown, James Perry, John Buchanan, Thomas Eavis/Avis, Browning, Chambers, Ellis, Gore, Hatfield, Hinchman, Justice, Lawson, Stafford, Toler.  Joseph Thomas Westerville, Ohio Place orders with Joseph Thomas

Malone  - Malone & Allied Families Second Edition by Randolph A Malone Copyright 1996, 1418 pages Randolph A Malone 143 Tuxedo Drive Thomasville, Georgia 31792

Martin - A Martin Genealogy - Tied to the History of Germanna, Virginia William A Martin 382 page, 1995 Heritage Books families include Martin, Knieling-Kneiling, Moore, Wendling, Turner, Zachmann,

Maynard - The Maynards of East Kentucky: From Pioneers to the Tenth Generation, Maynard, Roland B.,1 May 1978

Remley - Remleys in Colonial Virginia Howard M Remley 306 North Williams, P O Box Anamosa, Iowa 52205 Remely, Remly, Rommele, Rimli, Remmler, Kincaid, Hawver, Peters, Surbaugh, Hogsett, Vaughn, Brumby, Alderson, Brown, Mossly, and many more.

Remleys - Ramblin Remleys (author unkown) approximately 300 pages families include McClung, Peters, Surbaugh, Brumby, (would love to know who wrote this book - Jim Burgess)

Riggins - Teage Riggen, and his Riggen, Riggin, Riggins, descendants by Sharol Riggin, Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland 1987 506 pages Hern, Webb Cripps, London, Davis, Ward, Townsend, Worilow, Johnson and many more.

Rust - Rust of Virginia: genealogical and biographical sketches of the descendants of William Rust 1654-1940 by Ellsworth Marshall Rust, Copyright 1940, 463 pages includes Claytor, Hensley and Related Families LDS Film 929.273 R922-

Shumate - The Shumate Family - T F von Stauffeberg

Shumate - History of the Shumats Family, by Robert S Riley, Copyright 1992, McDowell Publications, 11129 Pleasant Ridge Road, Utica, Ky 42376 includes DeLaChaumette, Shumate, Taliaferro, James, Bailey, Prewitt, Burgess, Johnson, Johnston, Smith, Berryman, Oxford, Crump, Nelson, Barbour, and many more.

Stewart - The James Stewart Family of Early Augusta County, Virginia 1740-1960 by Florence S Dickerson Amelia , Virginia, 1966, 319 pages, McClain Printing Company, Parsons, West Virginia families Include Weidner, Dickerson, Rowlette, Holderby, Solter,  Darnall, Harman, Kinner, Stewart, Burgess, Rader, Mustard, Gunnoe and many others.  Out of Print

Stewart - TRACKING THE PIONEERS: History and Genealogy of Capt. Ralph Stewart and His Descendants Stanley C Browning Stewart Book is available for purchase online at www.LULU.com for a price of $37.50 plus shipping charges. To place an order, go to http://www.lulu.com/content/113275 and follow the instructions.   You can also link to a preview of the book from that page.  Stanley C Browning   The book may also be purchased directly from the author, at a cost of $37.50 plus $6.00 for handling and shipping. For those purchases, please submit your check or money order for $43.50 to: Stanley C Browning, P O Box 71314 Salt Lake City, Ut 84171 801-944-3538

Turner - The Descendants of John Meridy Turner (1747-1815) of Fauquier County, Virginia, Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, 163 pages, 1994, Heritage Books -  families include: Turner, Garner, Jennings , Hedgman and many more.

Utterback - The History and Genealogy of the Utterback Family in America 1622 - 1937 by William I Utterback, A. M. Marshall College, Huntington, West Virginia, 470 pages, 1987 Print Graphics, Inc. Omaha Nebraska for Additional Copies Early American Families P O Box 1422 D.T.S. Omaha, Nebraska 68101-1422 families include Utterback, Holtzclaw, Schneider, Darnall, Smith, Weaver, Crump, Strumatt, Pickett, Norman, Willingham, Green, Bice, Sanders, Burgess, Tomlin, Settle, Cockrell, Brown, Griffin and thousands more.

Vance -